Tacos Deluxe
A Compilation Album

"Tacos Deluxe" is a collection of the original band's recordings released as albums on Takoma/Chrysalis Records. These recordings are from the original lineup of Jimmie Vaughan, Kim Wilson, Keith Ferguson, Mike Buck, and Fran Christina. "Tacos Deluxe" was compiled by Denny Bruce, who managed and produced the original band for their first five years.

Never released live recordings, as well as some alternative takes are also included.



1. You Ain't Nothing But Fine 
2. Marked Deck 
3. Wait on Time (live/never released) 
4. She's Tuff 
5. Can't Tear It Up Enuff' 
6. One's Too Many 
7. I Believe I'm in Love 
8. Scratch My Back 
9. Low-Down Woman 
10. My Babe 
11. I Can't Quit You Baby (live/never released) 
12. C-Boy's Blues 
13. Los Fabulosos Thunderbirds