Girls Go Wild

$15.98 + $3 S&H (US)

The re-released Girls Go Wild is a great record with 11 original tunes and 3 bonus tracks. All are killer but some of my favorites are: Scratch My Back, a real chicken picker with a catchy double back beat; Full Time Lover, a slow Blues that showcases Kim Wilson's great singing talents as well as Jimmie Vaughan's marvelously smooth Blues guitar. Next I really like Kim Wilson's E harp boogie tune Pocket Rocket. It SWINGS!!!! Then we have what I like to call the band's 1st "hit single", She's Tough. This slow rockin' E Blues has become one of the 'Birds' most well known tunes. Walkin' To My Baby is a terrific dance tune with a smokin' lead guitar break. The last of the originals is the great, Let Me In. This tune is driven by the steady-rockin' drummin' of Mike Buck and anchored by Keith Ferguson's solid "lefty" bass is the music that has made these guys one of the most well known Blues bands in America today.

The 3 bonus tracks feature Fran Christina on drums, who joined the band in 1980. Look Whatcha Done and Please Don't Lie To Me are outtakes from the 'Birds second record, What's the Word and Things I Forgot to Do is an outtake from their 3rd offering, Butt Rockin'.


1 Wait on Time (Wilson) 3:02 
2 Scratch My Back (Moore) 3:51 
3 Rich Woman (LaBostrie, Li'l Millet & His Creoles) 3:28 
4 Full-Time Lover (Jones, Scott) 4:41 
5 Pocket Rocket (Wilson) 3:55 
6 She's Tuff (McCain) 2:57 
7 Marked Deck (Mullins, Vincent) 2:40 
8 Walkin' to My Baby (Wilson) 2:24 
9 Rock With Me (Wilson) 2:37 
10 C-Boy's Blues (Buck, Ferguson, Vaughn, Wilson) 2:56 
11 Let Me In (Wilson) 2:31 




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